Military Base Camp - Procedural Camouflage/Cloth Generator

This cutting-edge tool, powered by Houdini Digital Assets, empowers users to generate fully customizable simulated military camouflage mesh or cloth with guided damage.

Create stunning and realistic camouflage or cloth pieces with ease. Whether you need camouflage patterns or any type of cloth, this tool has you covered. Simply replace the texture/material of the cloth to achieve the desired result. High-poly camouflage mesh is also at your disposal to achieve cinematic quality for military environments.

Customize every aspect of the camouflage or cloth, from base dimensions and pattern to ropes, edge details, and guided damage. Find the perfect balance between fidelity and performance with customizable mesh resolutions. Take advantage of the modular multi-layered Unreal Engine materials for a beautiful and flexible look.

Create inspiring environments and elevate your projects to new heights. Get your copy today and experience the future of digital asset creation here:

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Military Base Camp - Camouflage/Cloth Generator - Preview (powered by Houdini & Unreal Engine)