MOD ACL VR (A Clever Label VR) Environment & FX (FEB 2019)

A VR data visualisation project I've been working on as part of my job created using Houdini, Substance and UE4. This one is interesting! Though minimalistic due to a specific budget I had a chance to get my hands onto early access Niagara particle system UE4 and try out Houdini to Niagara workflow which is very promising! I do believe it's gonna be pretty awesome when it's released but too many walls to climb over for now. The set was modelled procedurally with Houdini and a single generator was created for all the consoles, screens and datapads including vertex texture animations. Programming of the interactive assets was done using UE4 blueprints. All aspects...

ACL Galaxies Modelling Demo

ACL Console Generator Demo

ACL Spawn Point Interactive Asset