Soundbender VR (May 2019)

This one is the most challenging for me so far! Started as a side project at UTS Animal Logic Academy but then was picked up by people who believed in it and didn't want to give up. Thank you, guys!!! You know who you are! And recently we have won The Rookies Game of the Year - Immersive Media & Excellence awards ( I've personally learned heaps by working on it. Even though I was filling a lot of roles and this project is my heart and soul, the thing that I would like to share here is the procedural environment workflows I've used plus a few extra procedural assets. The full article can be found here:

Soundbender VR Trailer

Soundbender Environment Overview

Soundbender Bridge Procedural Modelling Houdini Demo

Color coded instances

Color coded instances

Soundbender Corals Generators Houdini Demo

Soundbender Procedural Leaf Substance Designer Demo

Soundbender Creatures Procedural Modelling Houdini Demo

Soundbender Sound Visualisation with Houdini, Niagara, New Audio Engine UE4